Jan 2026, Bhaktapur, Nepal


Message from the Chairman


After the successful organization of the first ICEE-PDRP in April 2016, I, on behalf of the ICEE-PDRP committee, feel appreciated and highly encouraged to organize the third conference with greater enthusiasm and for a better purpose in October 2023.

As always, our objective in arranging such a conference is to make experts and academicians from around the world get together on a platform to understand the local and global issues of earthquakes and reconstruction planning with a view to preserving the invaluable monuments of Bhaktapur, which have been challenged by the Gorkha earthquake of 2015. In fact, Bhaktapur is a blend of northern art and southern mythological philosophy. The pagodas and shikhar-style temples, artistic private houses, and other cultural and historical heritages are the major monuments that Bhaktapur inherits from earlier generations. More importantly, the challenge of balancing safety against the preservation of the architectural and artistic features of historic structures always remains a pressing issue to address.

The organizing committee would highly appreciate your unfilnching support.

As the chairman of the committee, I look forward to welcoming you to an ancient city in October 2023.

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